The time has come for me to put together a 'booklet' about the Hoganson family. I've tried to collect information on the descendants of Sæming and Lina, as well as a little on their ancestors in Norway. I keep looking for more information so I would be happy to receive any additional information such as obituaries, pictures, or birth, death and marriage dates and places, etc.

Included in this booklet are: pedigree charts, a family group sheet, and descendants charts printouts from my computer software program; photo copies of: maps, Lina and Sæming's baptismal records from a microfilm of the Norwegian church record, their passport record, some pages from the bygdeboka (history of Norwegian farms) and photographs.

You will notice on one of the bygdebok sheets (p. 89, II) Sæming's birth is listed. On another sheet (697) is Lina and her siblings. One of her brothers is Martin, and he and his family are found on another page (187). When we lived in Oslo, Norway January-May 1986, we met Sverre, his wife Kjellfrid, and his sister Kristine. They are the youngest children of Martin, lived in Øvre Rendal in a guest house which they no longer ran; the weekend we visited them, we had room #5, and Jené had #1.

On another sheet (188) is mentioned and pictured Lidvin and wife. Their daughter Aase and her husband were up there that weekend, too. We also visited them in their home in Oslo - he worked for Customs and his English was very good. It was such fun to meet these distant relatives. Kjellfrid was also interested in genealogy, and showed us the farmsteads that the various people lived on.

We also stopped at Lomnessjøen on our way and met Kaare Vardenær, a grandson of Oline, Lina's oldest sister. And we had met and visited Ottar Wardenær who lived in Oslo.

Sverre, Kjellfrid, Kristine and Ottar have all since died. I don't know about Kaare or his wife.

I keep in touch with Hilleborg Ødegaard, who is descended from Martin Hornseth's daughter, Marie. She and her sister took me out for lunch one day when we were in Oslo.

On the page which has the translation of the baptismal records, I have misplaced the Norwegian photocopy of item #3, the record of Sæming and Lina's leaving the church. Since I have the reel number from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, I will be able to get it.

As of yet I have not written a prose account per se - you will have to read through the pages, and get what you can.

I would appreciate any additions, any corrections, any help from any of you.

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Verla Williams
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Hoganson Family
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