Seming and Lina's Family Bible

Below are pages from the family Bible of Seming and Lina HOGANSON. On the inside cover one can read the date 1880, so it is plausible that they may have received this as a wedding gift. The text reads as follows: "This book belongs to Seming Haagensen Haarset and Lina Larsdatter Hornset of Rendalen."

Bible. The Holy Word (Christiania, 1871). Images courtesy of Verla Williams.

The next pages list the birth dates and death dates of all of their children:

Mina born the 29 July 1880
Herman born the 9 Desember 82
Chaly born the 28 March 85
Randi born the 8 Oktober 87
Oskar born the 23 Juni 90 (died the 22 November 1907)
Emma born the 3rd Marts 93
Lille Simine born the 10th September 95
Elise born the 1st Februar 98 (died the 3rd Februar 98)
Elise Soffie born the 4 Februar 1899
Clara and Mebel born the 27th December 1902

Elise died 3 Feb 1898
Oscar died 22 Nov 1907
Mother died 20 Nov 1931
Father died 1 Jan 1936
Carl died 27 Nov 1936
Herman died 12 April 1944
Mina died 17 May 1942
Randi died 13 Feb 1949
Clara died 20 Feb 1949
Lillie died 1 Nov 1954
Mabel died 8 May 1957
Emma died 7 April 1963
Elise died 12 August 1987

Family Bible. Seming and Lina HOGANSON (1871). Images courtesy of Verla Williams.


Mark D. Williams June 1, 2014 at 2:31 PM  

According to the Minnesota Death Index, Carl actually died on 17 Nov 1936, not the 27th.

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