Jens HAAGENSEN Haarset (1719-1796)

Jens HAAGENSEN Haarset was born in 1719. In 1758 he married Gjertrud Olsdtr Ustu Møm (Bull 1940: 82). This event is also recorded in the Rendal parish Ministerialbok, but it is difficult to make out the date. It appears to be the 5th of June and I notice that the date for the entry below theirs is 31 May.

Detail of Hedmark fylke, Rendal, Ministerialbok nr. 1 (1733-1787), Ekteviede 1759-1760, side 193. Image courtesy of Digitalarkivet.

Bull mentions that "[d]e kom til Søndre Høye," since the Haarset farm was inherited by Jens' oldest brother, Erik. Søndre Høye had been owned by Gjertud's uncle, Lensmand (Sheriff) Jacob Jacobsen who died in 1742. It also succumbed to fire on "20 Jun 1759, except for the storehouse that still stood in 1918." The fire had been ignited by a fire on the Berkset farm the same day (172).

Jens and Gjertrud had the following children: Malen (b. 1760), Maren (born and died in 1762). I am missing page 173 that lists the rest of their children. Their son, Haagen (1765-1817) became the owner of parcel B of the Utstu Berkset farm (192).

Jens was 76 when he died on 23 Jan 1796. He was buried on the 30th.

Detail of Hedmark fylke, Rendal, Ministerialbok nr. 2 (1788-1814), Døde og begravede 1795-1797, side 94-95. Image courtesy of Digitalarkivet.

The parish record for Gjertrud's death and burial is difficult to read, but it looks like she may have died on 12 Feb 1800 and was buried on 2 Mar.

Detail of Hedmark fylke, Rendal, Ministerialbok nr. 2 (1788-1814), Døde og begravede 1798-1800, side 96-97. Image courtesy of Digitalarkivet.


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