Jens HAAGENSEN Berkset (b. 1798)

Jens HAAGENSEN Berkset was born on the Ustu Berkset farm in Rendal, Hedmark in 1798. The Rendal parish Ministerialbok contains the baptism record, but the exact date is difficult to tell.

Detail of Hedmark fylke, Rendal, Ministerialbok nr. 2 (1788-1814), Fødte og døpte 1798, side 230-231. Image courtesy of Digitalarkivet.

According to Bull (1940: 192), Jens had an illegitimate daughter, Maren (b. 1825), with Aase Thoresdtr Hornset. This Maren would eventually become Mina HOGANSON's maternal grandmother.

In 1835 Jens married his second cousin once removed, Maren Semingsdtr Rugsveen Haarset. Maren was baptized 18 Jan 1807.

Detail of Hedmark fylke, Rendal, Ministerialbok nr. 2 (1788-1814), Fødte og døpte 1807, side 268-269. Image courtesy of Digitalarkivet.

The Rendal parish records confirm the date of his marriage to Maren as 27 April 1835. A few years later Jens became owner of the Rugsveen farm.

Detail of Hedmark fylke, Rendal, Ministerialbok nr. 4 (1829-1852), Ekteviede 1835, side 220. Image courtesy of Digitalarkivet.

They had the following children: Brynhild (1830-1831), Haagen (1832-1890), Seming (b. 1833), Maren (1843-1935), Jens (1846-1847), and Brynhild (1850-1909) (Bull 1940: 89). Unfortunately we have no record of either of their deaths.


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