Erik Iversen Vangen (b. 1640)

The Øvre Rendal farm history (Bull 1940) for Søndre Haarset documents Seming HOGANSON's paternal ancestors back six generations to an Erik Iversen Vangen born in 1640. Erik married Else HAAGENSDTR Haarset in 1669 and became the owner of the farm on the death of her father, Haagen Olsen Berge.

Their son, Haagen Eriksen Haarset, is the ancestor of my great grandmother Mina HOGANSON through three lines of descent as can be seen from the chart below.

Descendants chart for Haagen Eriksen Haarset (1670-1740). Image courtesy of Mark D. Williams.


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This HOGANSON Blog is based on genealogical research compiled by Verla A. Blakey WILLIAMS and edited with notes by Mark D. WILLIAMS.

Hoganson Family

Hoganson Family
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Three Generations

Three Generations
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