Haagen Eriksen Haarset (1670-1740)

According to Bull (1940: 81-82), Haagen Eriksen Haarset was born in 1670, and in 1701 married Malen Simonsdtr Negard Nordset (1676-1755), daughter of the Chaplain Simon Pofelsen Negard Nordset (d. 1697).

They had six children: Erik (1701-1773), Else (1709-1769), Simon (1711-1799), Maren (1711-1774), Ola (1718-1765), and Jens (1719-1795). The paternal HOGANSON line descends through their youngest son, Jens. As seen from the chart above, there is also another line through the oldest son, Erik.

Haagen died in 1740. Unfortunately I was unable to find any parish records to corroborate this. There is  however, a record for the death in 1755 of his wife, Malen, age: 79 years.

Detail of Hedmark fylke, Rendal, Ministerialbok nr. 1 (1733-1787), Døde og begravede 1756, side 242. Image courtesy of Digitalarkivet.


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Hoganson Family

Hoganson Family
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Three Generations
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